Le très populaire GD-Emuremplacement pour la lentille laser de la Dreamcast, va enfin avoir une nouvelle série fabriquée. Les pré-commandes seront ouvertes le 1er juillet et il faudra vous dépêcher pour en réserver une, la dernière série vendue il y a quelques semaines était partie en quelques heures …

Voici un extrait de l’annonce en anglais :

On the subject of making GDEMU, to avoid what happened last time, that is people missing the preordering window, I’m going to plan it this time. The preorders will open on 1st of July. Hopefully the rush hour has ended and I will be able to keep it open for some time. I was seriously not expecting that level of interest and as such it has taken so long to finish the first run. In other words, I did everything according to plan, except my plan did not account for selling everything in less than two days. Also, I’m imposing a limit of maximum one unit per person, this is because bigger orders are a real PITA for me.

Sources : Dreamcast News et le blog GD-Emu