The Deathbed Vigil: A Testimony of the last days of Commodore on YouTube

Dave Haynie, a former Commodore employee and engineer behind the Amiga 2000 (among other things) has not taken at all the fall of the company (link available only in french). This is why he brought a video camera at work at the Pennsylvania headquarters to film and document the last days at work for him and his colleagues.

What has been filmed serves as a testimony of how people felt: We see on the video people angry, some other making their boxes, other trying to save what’s left of the company and even see them around a fire at Randell Jessup‘s place manifestating their anger.

The end result is a very interesting and emotional video about a piece of computer science and videogame history. A must see!

You can also head over to Amazon and get that video called “The Deathbed Vigil and Other Tales of Digital Angst” in DVD format.

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