Nintendo Quest, an unofficial documentary by Rob McCallum

After the debatable Video Games the Movie (our mixed feelings are available here in French), Kickstarter brings us yet another video games documentary by fellow Canadians passionates but this one is more about a personal journey of some sort. Directed by Rob McCallum, the movie will tell the story of Jay Bartlett a Nintendo fan who did not forget the best time he had with his NES and thinks it’s time for a challenge. His ordeal? In 30 days, he has to get all the 678 games of the North American library without a single online purchase. This means that he will travel through the country to get what he needs from video games shop mostly.

The idea looks promising on paper and through the below trailer and we can’t wait to see what will actually happen. The project, though mostly done, is still seeking support via a crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, the team was looking for a humble 1000$ and has now more than 20,000$ worth of pledges and it’s not over! So, are you game?

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