Moggy Master: A free game by the Mojon Twins on SEGA Master System

The Mojon Twins are normally known for their homebrew games on computers and more specifically ZX Spectrum but for the first time ever, they tried something for SEGA by porting one of their game from 10 years ago that was launched on ZXMoggy Master‘s SEGA version is different from its predecessor by the fact that it has a two-players mode that was not in the ZX version. A small, simple game in which you have to dodge ennemies that randomly move on the screen while trying to save your friends in each level that becomes increasingly difficult.

You can download the game for free HERE. You can play the game via an emulator or by downloading the ROM on the SD card of a Master Everdrive or Everdrive MD (the later only if you have a Mega Drive/Genesis.

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