Interstellar Text Game

Interstellar, if you have not seen this spectacular movie by Christopher Nolan then you must right away! Not only is the story great, the special effects and visuals are definitely 10/10.

This type of game (text adventure game) is something that I have never played before. Being reluctant at first, I dove right in and discovered that this is actually a pretty fun game to play even though it seems pretty basic and at first glance boring. Your adventure begins pretty mundanely but from the time you “wake up” you are immediately immersed in a detail driven world where you say where to go, what to pickup, etc.

If you have never tried a text based game then I highly recommend that you start with this one since it is very user friendly and being based on a great movie by Christopher Nolan, you just cannot go wrong! All ages can enjoy this so do not hesitate to give it a try 🙂

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