Virtual Boy has now its Street Fighter II version and it’s impressive!

Street Fighter II has been ported on so many systems that it’s hard to keep track. Mr Anon and MK have decided not to keep it easy as they’ve just been able to port the game on Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. And as a ROM is not enough, they managed to make a cartridge, a box and a manual to make it even more impressive.

Then for obvious legal reasons, it’s really hard to get ahold of the developers or the game. There are actually two videos to show the game running and its physical version :

Antoine "ACR" Clerc-Renaud

Savant mélange entre rédacteur, auteur et éditeur. Passionné par le jeu vidéo, sa culture et son histoire depuis plus de 20 ans. Voue une admiration profonde aux RPG japonisants, aux musiques symphoniques et aux pizzas. Cowabunga ! Game Boy et écran plasma 50" inclus.

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