Ghost Blade: A New Shoot’em Up from Hucast

Team Hucast strikes again! After publishing Dux and Redux, the german developers comes back again at us with a new (and graphically incredible) shoot’em up called Ghost Blade!

The game, like everything published by Team Hucast so far, is region free meaning that you can play it from any Dreamcast console around the world. The game is also compatible with VGA Box, VMUs and arcade controllers!

The game plays as a vertical shoot’em up. The entire games has five levels with a huge boss at the end. There is three different ship that can be used and also a two-player mode where both can play at the same time!

For those of you that are less comfortable (or new) to these kinda games, there is a novice mode that automatically uses the bombs when things gets ugly. Finally, a small detail (which is still very important) is that when you die … You start back from where you were!

The game is available through Hucast Games. There is the standard version available in a jewel case (for about 40.00$CAD) and the limited edition version available in a DVD case along with the game’s soundtrack (for 77.00$CAD).

What are you waiting for? Click now and buy it before it disappears!

Here are some really sick footage of the game if you’re not convinced yet!

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