Fruit’Y: A New Puzzle Game for SEGA Dreamcast for (almost) free!

fruity-dreamcast-homebrewYes my friends! The SEGA Dreamcast is well and alive and to prove it, RetroGuru just released Fruit’Y: A Puzzle Game featuring a young tiger named Sheran who loves to play with fruits in the deep jungle since his mom doesn’t want him to play with his food at home …

The games itself offers 120 levels where you have to reproduce on the left side of the screen the same fruit setup than on the right side. The game is mainly inspired by Kaiko‘s Gem’X that was available through Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.

The trippy soundtrack is also totally inspired from the musics made for Amiga games back then.

You can get a hold of this very addictive game through DragonBox‘s online store for about CAD 3.60$ (or roughly USD 2.80$) and it is delivered as a professional game CD stamped with the game’s name and a storage case!

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