Bug Hunt : catch insects on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Originally created for PC by John Bell (Lazy Brain Games) Bug Hunt had already proved very popular on the NEC PC-Engine in the Neo Coding Compo in 2013. It is now time for the 16-bit SEGA to get a version of the game and what’s more, it’s free! This is once again courtesy of Afromonkeys (Jack Nolddor and Davidian), who, as usual, have also given us a quality conversion. We had already mentioned Chase, a NES game portage by the same creators, which proved to be a pleasant surprise. Note that this version of Bug Hunt is compatible with the Mega Mouse so that you can enjoy the same experience as the PC version.

If you want to swallow flies on emulator or on a real Genesis, you can download the rom here.

This post was translated from french by franglaistraduction.com

Jérémie "rEdrUm" Marsin

Imbibé par le jeu vidéo sur micro depuis le début des années 80, rEdrUm est un vieux routard du joystick ! Ne pouvant pas se séparer des ses précieux Commodore, il passe quand même du temps à jouer sur consoles et PC. Machines de prédilection : Amiga 500 et Commodore 64.

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