Double Dragon gets a Facelift for Atari 7800

AtariAge, being a constant source of videogame enthusiasts have done it again with a graphical mod for Double Dragon, that now legendary Beat’em all.

KevinMos3 was not satisfied with the graphical look and feel of the 1989 version of Atari 7800‘s Double Dragon so he decided to take the matter in hands and made his own version to make it fit the arcade version of the game.

The main changes are centered around the characters, the props and the backgrounds. The font also have been replaced with the arcade version. If you want to give that game a try, you can go and take a peek at AtariAge topic about the graphical mod HERE.

In the meanwhile, you can still take a peek at the video below to get a good feel of the work that has been done:

Source: Retro Video Gamer

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