Super Mario 64 on the PC? Thank the developer Erik Roystan Ross who made the first level in Unity 3D!

Ah the days of Nintendo 64. The polygonal graphics that amazed us all with the 3D gaming in many different wonderful games. But who could ever forget the instant classic Super Mario 64? Yes, we have to save the Princess from Bowser yet again, but this time in a great variety of 3D worlds with companions like Toad and some nice ability-hats to aid us. Adapting to the unique Nintendo 64 controller with the analog stick was also quite different than both the Super Nintendo and the original Nintendo though. Also having the ability to shift camera angles with the C-buttons was also new.

Thanks to a developer named Erik Roystan Ross, we now can play the very first level of the game, Bob-omb Battlefield in current generation graphics. Although he has no plans to further make any more progress in terms of more levels of the game, he offers the download of the open source so you can do anything with it except sell it of course. Pretty generous guy in my opinion. You can download this at his website.

Giving players the option to bypass the traditional Nintendo 64 controller, he has enabled the use of the “Super Character Controller” written for Unity, but states that using a keyboard and touch mousepad combo was quite easy. To watch the gameplay of Erik’s creation, here is the youtube channel:


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