The Retro VGS console is dead … for now!

Recently, we published an article (Currently available only in french) regarding an Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund a new gaming console called the Retro VGS. The idea behind the project was to create a gaming console that would use cartridges and never ever require updates.

The estimated cost for the project was 1.95 millions dollars and Mike Kennedy, the man behind the project pulled the plug after 13 days because they had only funded 3% of the project with only 154 backers.

That being said, Mike is not a quitter! He intend to rethink the project and think of some ways to make the project less expensive as indicated on the project’s page.

The project was very appealing but the way it was presented and the costs behind it were maybe unrealistic … We can guess that we’ll hear from Retro VGS again in the near future!

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