MD Cart from db Electronics is SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis homebrew friendly

Db Electronics, as active as always, have just unveiled yet another very interesting project for the future of the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. Just like the db Card for TurboGrafx-16, the MD Cart is is a 16Mbit maximum flash card, intended for the creators of homebrew games eager to get their games out on a physical cartridge as cheaply as possible. The MD Cart will of course be able to save game progress where applicable and will be available in 8Mbit, 4Mbit and 2Mbit.

René, the designer of the card was very specific in his blog: the MD Cart is not an Everdrive clone (another flash card system based on an SD card) and the invention is intended only for new games and will, under no circumstances be used to create repro cartridges. A very smart move on his part, knowing that these famous repros do more harm than good to the retro-gaming market.

Once the final version of the MD Cart is ready, a cartridge flash service will be set up by db Electronics. As soon as we know more we’ll let you know!

Source: db Electronics

Jérémie "rEdrUm" Marsin

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