Westone Bit Entertainment, the creator of Wonder Boy, bites the dust

Just under a week ago we gave you a Rétro’Spective of the fabulous series Wonder Boy.

Bad news! The developer of the series, Westone Bit Entertainment went bankrupt. Having already ceased all activity for the last few months, the Tokyo District Court has now sent a notice of bankruptcy to the company.

Their website has already been abandoned. Incidentally the Facebook page is still active, but there have been no updates since mid-June.

The future is not very bright for this Japanese company. With the threat of bankruptcy looming, the retro community has every right to ask itself what will become of their intellectual property. SEGA, which has always maintained a close link with the studio, could possibly salvage the studio by offering financial aid. Or perhaps it will acquire the rights for the Westone licences. One can always hope!

Jérémie "rEdrUm" Marsin

Imbibé par le jeu vidéo sur micro depuis le début des années 80, rEdrUm est un vieux routard du joystick ! Ne pouvant pas se séparer des ses précieux Commodore, il passe quand même du temps à jouer sur consoles et PC. Machines de prédilection : Amiga 500 et Commodore 64.

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