Toki prototype for the Atari 7800 found again

Originally developed by TAD Corporation in 1989 for Arcade, Toki is an action platformer that was ported to several gaming systems including the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis, NES and several computers. In decline for some time, Atari was far behind the NES with its 7800, for which the last game came out in 1991. While searching on a computer from Atari‘s test department, BuddyBuddies and Willard two users of the AtariAge forum, fell on what appears to be a final version of the game whose development dates from 1993 that is one year after the end of the console production!

A very strange story … anyway, we of course hope that a rom will be available for us to test very soon! For more information you can visit the two guys website Beta Phase Games.

Jérémie "rEdrUm" Marsin

Imbibé par le jeu vidéo sur micro depuis le début des années 80, rEdrUm est un vieux routard du joystick ! Ne pouvant pas se séparer des ses précieux Commodore, il passe quand même du temps à jouer sur consoles et PC. Machines de prédilection : Amiga 500 et Commodore 64.

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