Monkey Island’s 25th Anniversary!

In September 1990, when point and click games were very popular, a pirate named Guybrush Threepwood* came to life and became instantly famous. That character was the idea of Ron Gilbert (Also known for being the creator of Maniac Mansion) and would become the main hero of a serie (Monkey Island 2 and The Curse of Monkey Island).

Even 25 years later, the game is still a blast to play! It’s always fun to see a fighting mechanism based on the insults you send your opponent’s way or voodoo spells that you use to defeat Threepwood’s nemesis, the dreaded LeChuck. If you haven’t played any of these games, we strongly suggest that you go over to Steam and find the Special Edition which are in HD but that will allow you to switch over VGA for an authentic, retro experience in 320×200! Have fun!

By the way, if you feel like lending Ron Gilbert a hand, go ahead and sign this petition. Since Disney bought out all of Lucasart’s properties, Monkey Island has been left to rot and die. Gilbert say that there is a secret to Monkey Island we don’t know about yet and by signing this, we might give back to Gilbert’s his intellectual property over the Monkey Island franchise and maybe … just maybe … find out about that “secret” Ron is telling us about … Go ahead, sign this!

*Did you know?: The name Guybrush was inspired by the graphic file for the main character (guy.brush).

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