Duke Nukem 3D: soon available for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

A little more than a year ago, Piko Interactive announced that they had received the rights to port the PC version of Duke Nukem 3D to Sega Genesis and Mega Drive.

Initially, the game has been released on the 16bits SEGA system and only in Brazil but the people at Piko Interactive has done it again and are releasing the game for SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive AND … In physical format!

For 54.99$US (About 70.00$CAD for the canucks out there) you can get the entire game on a high quality cartridge and the game manual presented in a neat box. If you’re on a budget, you can get the cartridge alone for 39.99$US.

Given the technical limitation of the console, the game has been trimmed down. Therefore, only the Lunar Apocalypse level is available and the game is missing some textures and presented in 64 colors!

You can preorder today on Piko Interactive’s website. The first orders are planned to be delivered within three weeks.

In the meanwhile, have a look on what the game should look like:


Source : Retro Gaming Magazine

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